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Powder metering ratio feeding system


The metering feeding system is a real-time online dynamic compounding system. Its accurate feeding and uniformity can not only greatly improve the consistency of product quality, but also reduce the generation of waste products and waste materials. It is suitable for pellets and powder materials. , Glass fiber materials, irregular materials and various additives, widely used in plastic processing (such as plastic extrusion, chemical fiber processing) accurate batching, precision can be controlled to ≤ ± 0.5%, is the plastic processing to improve product performance and grade Important Guarantee.

The metering and feeding system adopts a weightless program control module and a touch-type human-machine interface for centralized control. The operation is simple and automatic.

Process description

1: Set parameters for the program.

2: Manual feeding to small bag feeding station or large bag opening station to discharge.

3: The vacuum conveying equipment sucks the material from the small bag feeding station or the large bag opening station to the weighing and measuring tank.

4: The weighing and measuring tank is full of materials or the material weight reaches the set value, and the vacuum conveying equipment is stopped.

5: The material in the weighing and weighing tank is accurately discharged according to the preset value.

Composition of metering feeding system

The system consists of the following parts

1 :: Manually pour the contents of the bag into a box. When in use, open the door of the feeding port, unpack the materials, and put all materials into the feeding station in turn. Press the start button of the feeding station, the vacuum pump starts to work, and after the negative pressure is generated, the material is pumped into the vacuum conveying cylinder through the pipeline.

2: Vacuum conveying equipment: The vacuum pump generates vacuum through compressed air, and the material enters the powder conveying equipment cylinder through the suction pipe, and the material is blocked by the filter in the powder conveying equipment cylinder to ensure that the material will not enter the vacuum pump.

3: Weighing and measuring tank: It is a stainless steel thin-walled container. The selected stainless steel plate and stainless steel special welding materials are in compliance with relevant national standards. The whole tank body is smooth, no hanging materials, no dead angle, light weight, easy to clean. The modular weighing unit is selected for easy disassembly, and the online measurement of emissions can be realistically requested.

4: Measuring screw: The screw is driven by a deceleration and frequency conversion motor to drive the material to move forward. The conveying capacity is guaranteed by the screw stroke, diameter and speed. ()

Features of metering feeding system

1: The processing of powder materials is completed in a completely closed environment, no dust flying, which can effectively prevent dust explosion.

2: Compact structure, integrated design of crushing, conveying, metering and mixing, saving space.

3: Fully automatic control, PLC man-machine operation interface, can realize remote control.

4: Quantitative feeding can be realized quickly, and the measurement is accurate and reliable.

5: stable operation, low maintenance costs, and guarantee production continuity.

6: Humanized design, simple and safe operation.

Powder conveying system

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