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Powder conveying and metering automatic conveying system

Powder conveying and metering automatic conveying system

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  • Release date:2020-01-17
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How to choose a central feeding system:


1. Whether the equipment meets your raw materials. Most of the domestic are granular material conveying equipment. If you are sheet, powder or liquid raw materials, then you need to consider whether it is appropriate. Hairun environmental protection machinery has dedicated conveying equipment for each raw material. .


2. Whether the currently purchased equipment meets your development planning and production needs in recent years. In Hairun Environmental Protection Machinery, if you now choose a suction machine to replace the centralized feeding in the future, you only need to replace the machine head and add pump units and other devices. can.


3. The kind, amount and conveying distance of the raw materials you use. The variety of raw materials used, the large amount of materials used, and the long conveying distance will lead to the selection of a centralized feeding system. In Hairun Environmental Protection Machinery, you need to tell us your existing parameters and requirements, and our professionals will help you Design.


4. When purchasing centralized feeding equipment, please consider the use of auxiliary equipment such as raw material mixing, color masterbatch addition, and raw material drying.


Hairun Environmental Protection Machinery has always adhered to quality and service-oriented, and established long-term stable cooperative partnership with customers on the basis of mutual trust. We have been providing our customers with technical solutions and high-quality equipment for many years.


Why choose the central feeding system of Hairun Environmental Brand?

  ◆ Realize unmanned operation of whole plant feeding, saving a lot of manpower for the enterprise.

  ◆ Cooperate with cooling water circulation system, automatic take-out and conveying system, cold and heat exchange system and secondary material recovery system to realize unmanned operation of the whole plant, and enterprises can save energy consumed by equipment such as air conditioners and electric lamps.

  ◆ Improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the production cost of the enterprise.

  ◆ Improve product quality and reduce defect rate.

  ◆ Different raw materials can be adjusted according to the needs, which saves a lot of trouble for the company.

  ◆ The pipeline does not occupy the floor space, which saves a lot of effective space for the enterprise.

  ◆ The appearance and appearance of the pipes can be effectively improved, which can effectively improve the environment of the production workshop.

  ◆ The cost is relatively low, which will save a lot of money for the enterprise in the long run.

  ◆ It realizes closed pipeline transportation of raw materials and avoids noise, dust and hot air pollution to the workshop. It is a system to improve product quality to a large extent.


The working principle of the central feeding system:

The central feeding system realizes the centralized processing of raw materials. Through a closed conveying system, a variety of raw materials are sent to various molding machines according to demand by an automatic controller of one to many machines, which saves energy and reduces noise and pollution. Ideal automatic system. For raw materials that have been dried in the raw material preparation area, we will send dry air to prevent the raw materials from being wet again. The advanced central controller and pulsating dust collector design prevent the system from being blocked. thing.

The centralized feeding system and central feeding system have many benefits for the automated production of plastic products. The central centralized feeding system of Hairun Environmental Protection Machinery can reduce production costs, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, improve the workshop environment, and realize the raw materials. Centralized management and closed transportation. It is the choice of production enterprises in the competitive market.



The advantages of using a central feeding system in the mixing plant are:

1.Save energy;

2.Save labor costs;

3.Improve the overall image of the company;

4. Keep the factory environment tidy;

5. Centralized management of raw materials to avoid waste and pollution of raw materials;

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