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Film cleaning production line

Film cleaning production line

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  • Release date:2020-01-17
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1. Petrochemical industry: cleaning and descaling of equipment and pipelines, decoking, removal of high-molecular polymers and condensation products deposited in production processes.

2. Precision electronics industry: cleaning of optical instruments, precision machinery and robots, and parts.

3. Power industry: cleaning of high-voltage power transmission and transformation station facilities and distribution cabinets and transformers.

4. Military industry: cleaning of aircraft, tanks, warships, nuclear submarine parts and shells, cleaning of nuclear pollution with chemical radiation and bacterial pollution


5. Machinery industry: pickling, derusting, passivation, degreasing and coating of metal equipment and metal surface treatment before finishing.

6. Metallurgical industry: cleaning of high silicon scale in cooling systems of various smelters, and cleaning of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

7. Thermal power industry: cleaning, descaling and water quality treatment of nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and industrial boilers.

8. Transportation industry: cleaning of ships, diesel locomotives, automobiles, etc.

9. Construction industry: cleaning of building walls, water pipes, heating and ventilation equipment and various central air-conditioning equipment.

10. Medicine, food industry: disinfection, disinfection, sterilization, washing and aseptic manufacturing.

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